Flute Avantgarde

Irmela Nolte, flute



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about this recording:
The flute may be considered one of the most important solo instruments in the music of the 20th century. Yet the broad flute repertory with contributions of nearly all well-known composers of the epoch, from Debussy to Denissow, has remained almost unknown to the public. This recording may help to make the manifold and colourful flute literature of the 20th century accessible to a wider audience.
sound samples (Windows Media):
Scelsi - Yun - Denissow, Allegro - Pousseur
"Not only does Irmela Nolte easily master her instrument in all current nuances and means of articulation, but she is also aware of the specific demands of modern music." (Neue Ruhrzeitung 6.4.91)
Cristóbal Halffter (geb. 1930): DEBLA (1980) for flute solo
Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988): PWYLL (1954) for flute solo
Isang Yun (geb. 1917): SALOMO (1978) für Altflöte in G solo
George Benjamin (geb. 1960): FLIGHT (1979) for flute solo
Edison Denissow (geb. 1929): SONATE (1982) for flute solo
Jan Jirásek (geb. 1955): VORLÄUFIGES ABC (1989) for flute solo
Henri Pousseur (geb 1929): FLEXIONS I (1979) for flute solo
Goffredo Petrassi (geb. 1904): SOUFFLE (1969) für Flöte, Altflöte in G und Piccolo solo

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