...a Liuto solo

German lute music of the 18th century

Björn Colell, lute


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about this recording:
While the expert may be familiar with lute music from Kellner and Weiß, the sound of this sonorous baroque lute will surprise him or her in combination with compositions from the "Storm and Stress" period. Sound effects which at that time were only known from the piano, create a very affectionate atmosphere on this intimate instrument.
sound samples (Windows Media):
Weiß, Fantasie - Falkenhagen, Allegro un poco - Kellner, Phantasie d minorl - Hagen, Adagio
“All in all the student of Jakob Lindberg gives us a pleasantly unsentimental, fluent interpretation which fully explores the timbre spectre of the baroque lute and offers a lot of variety." (alte musik aktuell, 3/95)
Silvius Leopold Weiß (1686-1750): Fantasie c-Moll, Sonate A-Dur, Ciacona g-Moll
Adam Falkenhagen (1697-1761): Sonate g-Moll
David Kellner (um 1670-1748): Phantasie C-Dur, Phantasie d-Moll
Bernhard Joachim Hagen (1720-1787): Sonate d-Moll
Rudolf Straube (1717- ca. 1785): Sonate G-Dur

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