Bach on the fortepiano

Gudula Kremers, fortepiano




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order no. CCD 114
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about this recording:
Gudula Kremers' vivacious performance of Bach's keyboard works on the fortepiano brings out new aspects and tonal dimensions that make it obvious how much the Chromatische Fantasie, for example, was already infused by the world of ideas of the Sturm und Drang. After all, J.S. Bach was acquainted with several instruments of this type, and influenced the instrument makers of the time with his comments and suggestions.
sound samples (Windows Media):
Toccata - Ouverture - Chrom. Fantasie - Fuge
"... the impulse of the Romantic united in the most intelligent fashion with knowledge of historically informed performance practice, indeed even reconciled with it, in a manner of speaking: This is the great service of this remarkable new recording, which illuminates Bach's works in an interesting manner." (Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 21 August 1999)
Toccata d-Moll BWV 913
Ouverture nach französischer Art (Partita h-Moll) BWV 831
Chromatische Fantasie und Fuge BWV 903

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