Georg Glasl, zither

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order no. CCD 115
EAN 4028183001153

about this recording:
Landscapes, inner spaces, areas of loneliness, of abundance, of hopelessness, living spaces of concentration, landscapes traversed by the Munich zither player Georg Glasl, traversed on various sizes of zithers, traversed in exciting pieces, some of which were written expressly for him. Imaginary landscapes of the most diverse types open up before the ear of the listener and abduct him into the labyrinth of his own inner being.
sound samples (Windows media):
Schwenk, Landscape - Dinescu, Kathargos - Zimmermann, Irrgarten
"... Georg Glasl has given us really masterful recordings of great intensity ... Additionally, the sound engineering has succeeded in bringing across a very differentiated tonal image."
(Süddeutsche Zeitung, 21 December 1999)
Fredrik Schwenk (*1960): LANDSCAPE for Richard Long for Altzither
Violeta Dinescu (*1953): KATHARGOS für Altzither
Walter Zimmermann (*1949): IRRGARTEN für Baßzither
Peter Kiesewetter (*1945): JESHIMON für Altzither

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