Peter Michael Braun (*1936), Journey in Time

Andreas Sorg, piano

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order no. CCD 118
EAN 4028183001184

about this recording:
Music for the Year 2000: "Journey in Time," piano music by Peter Michael Braun, who has been Professor of Composition and Theory at the Heidelberg-Mannheim College of Music since 1978. In this extensive piano work, Peter Michael Braun leads the listener to the mountain peak of the outgoing millennium to gain from this vantage point, in nearly Baroque-sensual tonal cascades, a panoramic view of the musical streams of development of this period. Pianist Andreas Sorg is the competent mountain guide for such excursions off the beaten avant-garde track.

sound samples (Windows Media):
Hommage a Machaut - Trionfo di Monteverdi - 2000

Journey in Time for piano solo:
Hommage à Machaut · Trionfo di Monteverdi · Erinnerungen an Beethoven · 2000 · Epilog

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