The Russian Soul

Gert Drost, piano




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order no. CCD 123
EAN 4028183001238

about this recording:
Through his immense musicality and highly virtuoso technique, Gert Drost conjures up the whole world of the great Russian piano music of the nineteenth century, whereby some of the works are recorded here for the first time. The tonal sensuality of this music is accentuated by the instruments employed: grand pianos by Fazioli (F-278, F-308) that are unique in the world of modern grand pianos in terms of their volume of sound and interpretational possibilities.
sound samples (Windows media):
Rachmaninow, Etude c-Moll - Arenski, Elegie - Cui, Bagatelle italienne - Drost, Prelude
Sergej Rachmaninow (1873 – 1943): Etuden c-Moll op. 39/1, a-Moll op. 39/2, cis-Moll op. 33/9
Anton Arenski (1861 – 1906): Etuden h-Moll op. 19/1, F-Dur op. 53/6, Petite Ballade cis-Moll op. 36/4, Elegie g-Moll op. 36/16
Paul Juon (1872 – 1940): Capriccio c-Moll op. 12/1, Canzona Fis-Dur op. 12/2, Humoreske F-Dur op. 12/3
César Cui (1835 – 1918): Bagatelle italienne B?Dur op. 22/2, Nocturne fis.Moll op. 22/3, Quasi Scherzo B-Dur op. 22/4
Sergej Tanejew (1856 – 1915): Prelude F-Dur, Elegie E-Dur
Nicolai Medtner (1880 – 1951): Sonata tragica c-Moll op. 39/5 (aus Vergessene Weisen)
Gert Drost (*1960): Suite à la fin du siécle (1998/1999)

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