Andreas Skouras

fortepiano, piano


Joseph Haydn (1732-1809): Three Sonatas for fortepiano Hob. XVI:40-42

Fredrik Schwenk (*1960) Three Sonatinas (first recordings)


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order no. CCD 129
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about this recording:
In remembrance to the tradition, writing a cycle of piano pieces for experiences on different dispositions, I started to plan three sonatinas. These sonatinas should be a more important tribute to a light and undervalued musical genre. Sonatina in this context does not mean the little silly sister of the greater Sonata, easily find in Clementi's type of sonatina. In its variety of freely organized movements it represents a concentrate form of the grande sonate pour le pianoforte. (Fredrik Schwenk) Being equally well acquainted with the piano, the harpsichord and the fortepiano Andreas Skouras' repertoire is huge. He works intensively with composers like Kagel, Schwenk, Kiesewetter, Acker, Stadlmair, Schtschedrin, Borboudakis a. m. o., many of which wrote pieces especially for him.

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) sonata in G Hob. XVI:40, I Allegretto e innocente, II Presto; Fredrik Schwenk (*1960): first sonatina, I un poco capriccioso, II Scherzo: to ludwig fun ...; Joseph Haydn: sonata in B Hob. XVI:41, I Allegro, II Allegro di molto; Fredrik Schwenk:  second sonatina; Joseph Haydn: sonata in D Hob. XVI:42, I Andante con espressione, II Vivace assai; Fredrik Schwenk: third sonatina: Entzauberung, Ist. movement, IInd. movement, IIIrd. movement.

sound samples (mp3):
Joseph Haydn Sonate in G 1 Allegretto e innocente 2 Presto Fredrik Schwenk: Erste Sonatine 3 un poco capriccioso 4 Scherzo: an ludwig fun ... Joseph Haydn: Sonate in B 5 Allegro 6 Allegro di molto Fredrik Schwenk: 7 Zweite Sonatine Joseph Haydn: Sonate in D 8 Andante con espressione 9 Vivace assai Fredrik Schwenk: Dritte Sonatine: Entzauberung 10 1. Satz 11 2. Satz 12 3. Satz


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