Joseph Haas (1879 – 1960)
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Gerit Lense, piano



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In 1921 Joseph Hass, together with Paul Hindemith and Heinrich Burkard, founded the Donaueschingen International Chamber Music Festival for New Music and in this way showed his open-mindedness towards everything new, although he himself always composed to-nally. He was soon one of the most renowned composition teachers in Germany. Among his pupils were composers Karl Amadeus Hartmann, Karl Höller, Philipp Mohler, and Cesar Bresgen, and the conductors Eugen Jochum and Wolfgang Sawallisch.
Joseph Haas’ piano œuvre begins with a Ballade from 1902 and ends with the Klangspielen, op. 99, from 1945. In terms of difficulty, they range from easy pieces for children (for example, Kinderlust, op. 10) to the large Piano Sonata in A Minor, op. 46. The works recorded here are intended to show the whole of Joseph Haas’ spectrum of expression.
One can do justice to the œuvre of Joseph Haas only when one measures it against that which he himself said about the purpose of music: Music should give pleasure, not be insulting; it should move deeply, not destroy; it should ennoble, not trivialize.
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Elegies, Sehr getragen, mit großer Innigkeit - Beklommen - Unruhig bewegt, mit verhaltener Leidenschaft - Ruhig und ergeben
House Fairytales, Mäßig schnell - In rascher, leichter Bewegung - Langsam, ausdrucksvoll - In anmutiger Bewegung - Mäßig schnell
Eulenspiegeleien, Thema - Var. I - Var. II - Var. X - Var. XII
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Elegies op. 42 Old Unnameable Days
House Fairytales op. 35 Nine pieces for piano
Eulenspiegeleien op. 39
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