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Rumänische Klaviermusik 


Daniel Goiti · piano


First recordings!
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about this recording:

Gheorge Enescu appears – surrounded by younger collegs – as a composer who did not need to be pinned down to a recognizable style, as a composer who sixty years before the post-modern already invented it. His Piano Suites are sounding evidence for this. Enescu is a refreshingly contradictory composer: a classical avantgardist, who with astounding solutions time and again rewrites the patterns of classical music, and astonishes with radical solutions. For through solidary empathy Daniel Goiti sets free the emotional contents hidden in the written music by Romanian composers – with a precise, sometimes even cutting exactness and a pianistic technique that is not only brilliant, but that developed in a miraculous manner far away from any fashionable trends. And in this way he also becomes an ambassador for delicate missions. As translator of a music that is easier to misunderstand.


George Enescu Toccata, Sarabande (from 2nd Suite in D major op. 10, 1903)

Mélodie, Burlesque, Carillon nocturne (from 3rd Suite op. 18, 1913-16)

Marţian Negrea Nocturne in E flat major (from: Three Romanian Sketches, 1936)

Sigismund Toduţă Passacaglia (1943)

Dan Dediu Prelude – Jakob’s Ladder (from: Lévantiques, Twelve Pieces for Piano op. 64, 1999)

Les Baricades Mistérieuses – Reloaded (Hommage à Couperin) op. 109,5

Paul Constantinescu Dance from the Dobroutscha –Toccata (from: Three piano pieces 1951)

sound samples (mp3):

Marţian Negrea 1 Nocturne in E flat major

Sigismund Toduţă 2 Passacaglia

George Enescu 3 Toccata, 4 Sarabande

5 Mélodie, 6 Burlesque, 7 Carillon nocturne

Dan Dediu  8 Prelude – Jakob’s Ladder

9 Les Baricades Mistérieuses – Reloaded (Hommage à Couperin)

Paul Constantinescu 10 Dance from the Dobroutscha –Toccata


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