Ludwig van Beethoven
Three String Quartets– published 1828 in Paris –
after piano sonatas op. 2

Bamberg String Quartet
Klaus Burmeister, 1. violin
Rüdiger Rehn, 2. violin
Roland Waschneck, viola
Karlheinz Busch, violoncello

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about this recording:
It may be called a sensation when today works of Beethoven are being found that so far had been absolutely unknown to the world. The only remaining copy of this "Fourth Book of Quartets", published 1828 with Pacini in Paris (the third book containing the quartets op. 59), is part of a collection of pieces of music which Duke Alfred von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha had compiled around 1870. That Beethoven really is the author of these arrangements can be concluded from the apt transcription as well as from various business contacts between Beethoven's brother Johann and the publisher in Paris since around 1820.
sound samples (Windows Media):
A major: Vivace - Andante Appassionato - f minor: Moderato - Andante - Presto non troppo
"The Bamberg string quartet makes a wonderful debut on CD with this rarity. The sound of the ensemble possesses a pleasantly warm timbre." (Fonoforum 10/92)
“...they play beautifully and most expressively. In fine sonics, and with good jacket notes (German and English), this should hold considerable interest to all Beethoven and chamber music fans. Strongly recommended.” (inTune 3/95, Japan)
string quartet A major, after op 2/2
string quartet Cmajor, after op 2/3
string quartet f minor, after op 2/1

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