Zither & Viola

Georg Glasl, zither
Kelvin Hawthorne, viola


sound samples

order no. CCD 207
EAN 4028183002075

about this recording:
A new, highly extraordinary combination of instruments is presented on this CD. Georg Glasl who by his virtuous playing technique leads the zither from its traditional place in the realm of folklore music to a chamber music concert instrument, here plays in a duet as a very sensitive partner of Kelvin Hawthorne who brilliantly manages to combine the harmonious sound of his instrument with that of the zither.
sound samples (Windows Media):
Thoma, Concertino Albanese - Niehaus, Rondo I - Bach, Prelude - Beckerath, Andante con moto
"Especially distinctive the 'Concertino Albanese' by Wolfg. Thoma which is characterized by modal and oriental charm, as well as the experimental little pieces by Manfr. Niehaus and the austere, late-romanticism melodious sound of the sonatine "Zi-Vau-a" of the Reger student Alfred von Beckerath." (Westf. Rundschau 13.7.93)
Wolfg. Thoma (1940): Concertino albanese f: Altzither & Viola
H. Genzmer (1909): Sonatine f. Altzither
Manfr. Niehaus (1933): Drei Stücke f. Viola & Zither
W. Thoma: Pasacaglia 1989 f. Diskantzither & Viola
J. S. Bach: Suite f. Violoncello Nr. II (BWV 1008) Bearb. f. Altzither v. G. Glasl
Alfred von Beckerath (1901-1978): “Zi=Vau=a”, Sonatine f. Zither & Viola

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