Music from old Austria

„Affetti Musicali”:
Marianne Rônez, baroqze violin
Arno Jochem, viola da Gamba
Ernst Kubitschek, recorder, traverse flute, cembalo
Guido Morini, cembalo
Walter Rumer, violone

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order no. CCD 208
EAN 4028183002082

about this recording:
Very often Austria is called the land of music. Usually one would think of the masters of the Viennese classic period whose heritage remained alive in Austria up to the 19th century. Indeed the fact is easily overlooked that Vienna as the capital of a widespread state entity had been an important musical center in the decades before the classical period. The Innsbruck ensemble "Affetti Musicali" plays here with audible pleasure familiar and less known charming works of old Austrian music.
sound samples (Windows Media):
Mealli, "La Clemente" - Finger, Allegro - Peuerl, Serenata - Gassmann, Allegro
“... the recording is well done and offers a valuable cross-section of old Austrian music, especially as the chosen pieces are very different in their musical content." (alte musik aktuell 11/93)
“... a cleverly compiled and well-played CD with the ensemble "Affetti Musicali" which manages the extreme demands to their virtuos abilities ... as well as the difficult questions of tempo in cyclic works..." (Österreichische Musikzeitschrift 2/94)
“...The recording traces the "affetti" of this catching and charming music with brilliant technical abilities." (Westf. Rundschau 13.7.93)
Anonymus (um 1700): Sonata a tre für Blockflöte, Violine und B.c.
G. B. Pandolfi Mealli (Mitte 17. Jh.): Sonata quinta ”La Clemente”
Gottfr. Finger (1660-1723): Sonata VIII (aus ”Dix Sonate à 1 Flute & B. c.”)
Heinrich Schmelzer (1623-1680): Sonata IX (aus ”XII selectarum Sonatarum”)
Bartolomeo Selma e Salaverde (1. Hälfte 17. Jh.): Canzona terza à Soprano solo
Paul Peuerl (1570-1623): Serenata, Ballet, Courant
Heinr. Ignaz Franz Biber (1644-1704): Sonata III (aus ”Sonate à Violino solo”)
Ernest Krähmer (1795-1837): Romanze (aus ”12 Divertimenti op. 4")
Joh. Florian Gassmann (1729-1774): Divertimento G-Dur für Traversflöte, Violine und Basso

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