Gottfried Müller (1914-1993), W.A.Mozart

Albrecht Mayer, oboe

Bamberg String Quartet:
Klaus Burmeister, 1. violin
Rüdiger Rehn, 2. violin
Roland Waschneck, viola
Karlheinz Busch, violoncello

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order no. CCD 209
EAN 4028183002099

about this recording:
Gottfried Müller's compositions with their artful counterpoint technique reveal to the listener the timelessly valid principles of harmonic structures which always - consciously or unconsciously clad in the musical language - have affected human beings in a very special and deep way. Especially in combination with the light-hearted Mozart quartets one experiences very intensely how two different paths meet in the musical cosmos. The combination of the basic folklore songs in Gottfried Müller's summer quartet with the esprit of Haydn's quartets also casts light on two banks of one river.
sound samples (mp3):
Mozart, C major: Allegro - Andante - Müller: Canzona - oboe quintet, Largo
Gottfried Müller (1914-1993): oboe quintet, Canzona
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791): string quartet C major, K.V. 157
string quartet B major K.V. 458 ”Jagd-Quartett”

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