350. birthday of H. I. F. Biber

„Affetti Musicali” Innsbruck:
Marianne Rônez, baroque violin
Arno Jochem, viola da gamba
Paolo Cherici, lute
Ernst Kubitschek, cembalo, organ


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order no. CCD 210
EAN 4028183002105

about this recording:
The sonatas for violin and continuo instruments from 1681 were, in their time, something like a standard repertory which was widely known among experts and friends of the violin. Marianna Rônez interprets these sonatas with a special bow technique from Biber's time; the hair of the bow is touched from below with the thumb. This calculated thumb pressure changes the tension of the hair and thereby creates special accents and sound variations.
sound samples (Windows Media):
Biber: Sonata 1, Preludio - Variatio - Sonata 6, Passacaglia - Muffat: Sonata D major
“Marianne Rônez captures the often rapidly changing character of the music with a very clear yet enchanting intonation; she fascinates with her breathtaking bow technique as well as with her ability to keep diverging musical powers in an airy balance." (Fonoforum 1/95)

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644-1704): VIII Sonatae a Violino solo (Salzb. 1681), Pastorella A-Dur
Sonata a Violino solo A-Dur (DTÖ 127), Sonata a Violino solo representativa
Georg Muffat (1653-1704): Sonate D-Dur

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