Violino discordato

Various experiments with retuned violin (first recordings)

Veronika Strehlke, baroque violin
Egino Klepper, organ

sound samples

order no. 211
EAN 4028183002112

about this recording:
The retuning of the strings leads to astonishing changes of timbre and, in combination with the organ positive (Temperatur: Kirnberger III), gives the violin a weird charm. So every piece sounds characteristically different, though only one instrument was used for all recorded works to make the difference clearly audible for the listener.
sound samples (mp3):
Lonati, 4. Satz Vivace - Kindermann, Sonata terza - Bononcini, Gigue op. 2 Nr. 6 - Bononcini, Gigue op. 2 Nr. 7 - Bononcini:Corrente L’Incognita - Anonym: Sonate d-Moll
"The compositions are performed with a feeling for detail and sensitivity for the tonal refinements. The phrases are calmly played out, have a beginning and an end, and the sound of each phrase is able to unfold and develop completely . . . Egino Klepper provides the soloist with an excellent continuo foundation. The organ is present throughout, always with a supple 'swing'." (alte musik aktuell 4 ‘95)
Carl’ Ambrogio Lonati (geb. um 1650): Sonata VII g-Moll
Johann Erasmus Kindermann (1616-1655): Sonata terza
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644-1704): Sonata Nr. 6 c-Moll (1681)
Giovanni Maria Bononcini (1642-1678): Drei Giguen op. 2 Nr. 6, 7, 8; aus op. 4 Nr. 25-27: Corrente La Casteluetra, Allemanda. La Guelfa, Corrente. L’Incognita
Anonym (Nr. 3 aus dem Manuskript des Wiener Minoritenkonvents, um 1690): Fantasia D-Dur (Nr. 3, anonym), Sonatina amorosa (Nr. 1, Schmelzer?), Sonata a-Moll (Nr. 85), Son. d-Moll (Nr.89)

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