Hans Stadlmair (geb. 1929)

Kelvin Hawthorne, viola
Egino Klepper, fortepiano and organ


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order no. CCD 215
EAN 4028183002150

about this recording:
In the works recorded here, the Austrian composer and conductor Hans Stadlmair combines his very personal, moderately modern tonal language with time-honored traditional musical forms. The special charm of the clear sound of the fortepiano in conjunction with the melancholy of the viola inspired him to the Orpheus legend, his hommage to the genius of Chr. W. Gluck.
sound samples (Windows Media):
Orpheus-Legende: Rezitativ - Tanz der Furien - Fantasie 1, Canzona - Sonata da chiesa
„...delicate and conscious of development, wandering tonal ideas. One also listens with pleasure to the solo Fantasias and the Sonata da Chiesa in the splendid rendition by Kevin Hawthorne and Egino Klepper - meditative, comprehensible, skillfully fashioned. Music coming from a 'fundamental attitude of service' that comes across individual and unforced.” (Lübecker Nachr. 6.4.96)
Orpheus-Legende for viola and fortepiano
Drei Fantasien for viola solo
Sonata da Chiesa for viola and organ

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