Peter Kiesewetter (geb. 1945)

Adelheid Maria Thanner, soprano
Kelvin Hawthorne, viola
Georg Glasl, zither
Debussy Trio Munich:
Bettina Fuchs, flute
Gunter Pretzel, viola
Rosmarie Schmid-Münster, harp

sound samples

order no. CCD 218
EAN 4028183002181

about this recording:
Song and the sound of strings - since the Old Testament, a manifestly archaic combination - Hebrew texts and music, capable of bringing time to a standstill as well as to an accelerated flow, meditative like the texts, and also so sensuous that the willing listener is led through new, untrodden worlds of sound that he will not want to leave again so quickly. The Munich composer Peter Kiesewetter presents here a part of his OPUS MAGNUM HEBRAICUM, a work that will occupy his creative powers for the next years.
sound samples (Windows Media):
tefila lemoshe - shoshanim - lech echol
tefila lemoshe für Sopran und Baßzither
shoshanim für Viola und Diskantzither
lech echol für Sopran, Flöte, Viola und Harfe

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