Hans Stadlmair (born 1929)

Wladimir Astrachanzew, violin
Olga Astrachanzew, piano
Marina Skuratovskaja, 2. violin


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order no. CCD 221
EAN 4028183002211

about this recording:
In Circulus, Hans Stadlmair, for many years director of the Munich Chamber Orchestra, allows a sequence of musical pictures with strong contrasts - produced by timbre and movement - to emerge, with the playing technique inspired by the initial tones A-C-B. The five meditative variations on "Stille Nacht" - in part calm, in part virtuoso - interpret various aspects of the reflection. Intimations of the composer's Austrian homeland serve as the formative bridges in the expressive and virtuoso Piano Sonata, which is otherwise influenced by the Second Viennese School. And Fabula, which starts tranquilly, returns after intervals of impetuosity again to tranquility. A lively bouquet of new music that once again places listening and breathing at the forefront of the musical experience.
sound samples (Windows Media):
Circulus - sonata for piano solo - Fabula
Circulus for violin solo
Variationen at “Stille Nacht” for two violins
Sonata for piano
Fabula for violin and piano

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