Friedrich Kiel (1821–1885)
String Quartets

World first recording!

Bamberg String Quartet
Raúl Teo Arias, 1. violin
Andreas Lucke, 2. violin
Raphael Lambacher, viola
Karlheinz Busch, violoncello

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about this recording:
Compositions for piano were the main focus of Friedrich Kiel’s work. He composed a large number of attractive works that at the time enjoyed unbelievable popularity. Yet, Kiel was also active in the area of chamber music, writing, besides various works for duo, trio, and quartet, two large-scale string quartets and two waltzes for string quartet that required extraordinary musicians to overcome their great technical demands. He probably conceived these works for the famous Joachim Quartet. In any case, performances, within the framework of the memorable Berlin Quartet Recitals, are documented. We hope that this first recording of compositions for string quartet contribute to a further acquaintance with the works of Friedrich Kiel.
sound samples (mp3):
string quartet a-minor op. 53 Nr. 1:
Allegro ma non troppo
- Allegro - Adagio con moto - Andante quasi Allegretto - Presto assai

waltz for string quartet op. 73:
Allegro commodo
- L’istesso tempo, un poco piu animato - Allegro ma non troppo
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string quartet a-minor op. 53 Nr. 1
waltz for string quartet op. 73

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