chamber music from Eastern Europe in the 20th century

Wladimir Astrachanzew, violin
Olga Astrachanzew, piano
Marina Skuratovskaja, 2. violin


sound samples

order no. CCD 233
EAN 4028183002334

about this recording:
These works, predominantly by Ukrainian composers, can surely be considered new territory for our ears, territory whose exploration - under the vivacious and competent guidance of Wladimir and Olga Astrachanzew - is an exciting and rewarding listening experience. And Alfred Schnittke's witty Moz-Art is played here in a nearly unsurpassable manner in which even the G-string's tuning peg plays a special role...
sound samples (Windows Media):
Babadjanian, Grave - Shuk, Humoreske - Schnittke, Moz=Art
Arno Babadschanjan (1921-1983): sonata b minor for violin and piano
Alexandr Shuk (1907-1995): pieces for violin and piano: Poème, Arie, Humoreske
Miroslav Skorik (*1960): dance for violin and piano
Vitalij Setschkin (1927- 1987): Meditation (Dumka) for piano, Agitato
Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998): „Moz=Art“ for two violins

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