J. S. Bach, Schubert, Adolf Mišek

Stefan Adelmann, double bass
Gabriella Brezóczki, Irina Troian, piano
Egino Klepper, cembalo

sound samples

order no. CCD 238
EAN 4028183002389

about this recording:
On this CD, the bass player Stefan Adelmann pulls all the stops of his art. Thus, he is able to emulate the sound of a contrabass gamba in Bach’s Sonata for viola da gamba, which in this way wins power and impact. Schubert’s Sonata for the arpeggione sounds sonorous and Romantic, and the large Sonata by Adolf Mišek shows itself in this interpretation to be a masterpiece of chamber music for the contrabass. Connoisseurs of low tones will get their money’s worth here.
sound samples (Windows Media):
Bach, Adagio - Schubert, Allegro moderato - Mišek, Con fuoco
Johann Sebastian Bach: sonata D major BWV 1028
Franz Schubert: sonata a minor D 821 (Arpeggione)
Adolf Mišek: sonata Nr. 2 op. 6

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