František Fiala (*1966)


Neos Quartet Bamberg:
Annette Krusenbaum, Christian Dibbern, violin, Mechthild Schlaud, viola, Achim Melzer, violoncello, Helena Fialová, piano, František Fiala, organ, conductor: Jana Mrkvicová, flute, Josef Fojta, percussion, Martin Jakubícek, organ, Stanislav Predota, tenor, Canticum Novum , Vereor Quartet

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order no. CCD 244
EAN 4028183004185

about this recording:
Familiar from childhood with the folk music of his Bohemian homeland, but also influenced by the practice of Gregorian chant, Franišek Fiala combines ancient styles with the tradition of the European Modern in his music. This results in an entirely personal musical language that gives rise to surprises in chamber music works and to edifying moments in his sacred works, yet always affirming the great tradition of the musical heritage. In this he resembles other contemporary composers such as Arvo Pärt and Krystof Penderetzki.
sound samples (Windows Media):
Sonata da chiesa, Adagio cantabile - Epigramme, Andante trise - Salve Regina
Sonata da chiesa for violoncello and piano
piano cycle Im Laufe der Zeit (V deni casu) for piano solo
epigramms for string quartet
dialoguese fur flute and vibraphone
Choralpartita for organ
Pater noster für Kammerchor a cappella
Salve regina für Kammerchor, Flöte und Vibraphon
Missa in modo gregoriano für Tenor, Kammerchor, Streichquintett, Flöte, Vibraphon, Glocken und Orgel

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