Marguerite Canal (1890-1978)
Songs, Sonata for violin and piano

Dominique Longuet, Bariton
Andreas Lucke, violine
Barbara Sarlangue-Laumeister, piano

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works CCD 250
EAN 4028183002501

about this recording:
Marguerite Canal was born in Toulouse on 29 January 1890, and died there on 27 January 1978. Her mother was an outstanding pianist, and her father an enthusiastic music-lover who took care of his daughter’s musical training himself. Moreover, he also had a decisive influence on her literary education. He helped her discover the works of prominent poets, which eventually led to her becoming a great composer of art songs. Marguerite Canal finished her studies at the Paris Conservatoire with bravura, receiving several prizes there. In 1920 she was unanimously awarded the Rome Prize for the cantata Don Juan, for which Saint-Saëns congratulated her personally. . In 1917 she was the first woman to conduct an orchestra in France. Although advised to embark upon a career as a singer, she felt composition to be her true calling. In 1922 she composed the Sonata for violin and piano, a work that numbers among the great French sonatas in the tradition of César Franck and Gabriel Fauré.
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Songs: Nell - Ici bas tous... - Ecoutez... - Les gondoles... - Recueillement - La cloche fêlée - Le petit cimetière -
Sonata: Andantino - Sourd et haletant - Adagio expressivo - Allegro con bravura
Nell (Leconte de Lisle)
Ici bas tous les lilas meurent (Sully Prud’homme)
Douceur du Soir (G. Rodenbach)
Un grand sommeil noir (Verlaine)
Ecoutez la chanson bien douce (Verlaine)
Il pleure dans mon coeur (Verlaine)

Le Jardin de L’Infante (A. Samain) :
Mon âme est une infante
Lentement, doucement.
J’ai rêvé d’un jardin primitif
Les gondoles sont là
La femme au miroir
(extr. de La Flute de Jade)
Je sais des airs anciens (Jean Lahor)
Recueillement (Baudelaire)
Ciel brouillé (Baudelaire)
La cloche fêlée (Baudelaire)
La chanson à l’aube (P. Fort)
Le petit cimetière (de Johannis)

Sonata for Violin and Piano
I Andantino con moto, calme et expressif
II Sourd et haletant
III Adagio expressivo
IV Allegro con bravura

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