Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Franz Xaver Mozart

Christian Gurtner, flute
Tamás Varga, violoncello
Manon Liu Winter, piano

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works CCD 251
EAN 4028183002518

about this recording:
The present recording offers a glance at the exceptionally attractive, stylistically very personal chamber music of Johann Nepomuk Hummel and Franz Xaver Mozart.
The works of these two composers – who were esteemed during their lifetimes by the public and their more famous colleagues alike – are virtually unknown today.
sound samples (mp3):
Hummel, trio
Mozart, Grande Sonate, Allegro - Andantino espressivo - Allegro vivo
Hummel, Grand Rondo Brillant
Mozart, Rondo
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Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778 – 1837), trio op. 78 for flute, violoncello and piano
Franz Xaver Mozart (1791 – 1844), Grande Sonate for piano and violoncello
Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Grand Rondo Brillant op. 126 for flute and piano
Franz Xaver Mozart, Rondo for flute and piano

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