Eric Verbugt
from: pijnberichten

Edition Villa Concordia

Gerard Bouwhuis, piano
Johan Faber, percussion
Ernest Rombout, Oboe, Oboe d’amore, Musette

sound samples

order no. CCD 258
EAN 4028183002587

about this recording:
When the predominant characteristics of contemporary Dutch music are discussed, terms such as uncomplicatedness and lively lightness usually pop up. Eric Verbugt, born in 1966 in Asten, has called attention to himself in recent years with musical works that counter this main tendency of present-day Dutch music with entirely different qualities. They are suffused with great seriousness, but at the same time inspired by impulses from neighboring artistic disciplines. And they display a complexity in which resounds the wealth of European culture of the last centuries.
sound samples (mp3):
verknipte Episoden - fragment - striemen - verval - sterrenskelet
verknipte episoden for piano solo
fragment for percussion solo
striemen for musette solo
verval for Oboe and percussion
sterrenskelet . ecliptica for Oboe d’amore and piano

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