Dorothee Eberhardt (*1952)
Chamber Music

Birgit Götz, clarinet
Sreten Krstic, violin
Peter Wöpke, violoncello
Micaela Gelius, piano


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works CCD 263
EAN 4028183002631

about this recording:
Dorothee Eberhardt initially studied Middle Eastern studies, philosophy, and Greek, graduating with a doctorate from Tübingen University in 1979. Inspired by the English saxophonist Barbara Thompson, she moved to London in 1980 and studied clarinet there at Trinity College of Music and musicology and composition at Goldsmiths College. She subsequently continued her composition studies with the Czech composer Antonin Tucapsky. After completing her studies, she worked in London as a composer and music pedagogue, and now lives near Munich. Her compositions, including commissioned works for renowned artists and ensembles, have been performed throughout the world. Very famous soloists could bee found as interpreter: Birgit Götz (solo clarinettiste at Gärtnerplatztheater, München), Sreten Krstic (1st leader ofr Munic Philharmonic Orchestra), Peter Wöpke (solo cellist at the Bavarian State Opera, München) as well as the famous Munic Pianist Micaela Gelius.
sound samples (mp3):
piano trio 1, I - II - III, Sträusse I - II - III, Salamanca, piano trio 2, I - II - III
Piano trio Nr. 1
Sträusse for Violin, clarinet in B-flat, Violoncello and Piano
Salamanca for clarinet in B-flat solo
Piano trio Nr. 2

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