nonSordino 1

Peter Bachmann, violoncello
Michaela Buchholz, violin
Maria Reiter, Akkordeon
Philipp Stubenrauch, doublebass


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works CCD 264
EAN 4028183002648

about this recording:
When Peter Bachmann received a commission to put together an ensemble of his choice for a benefit concert during Advent of 2002 for the Munich Children’s Center, he took advantage of the situation to realize a long-held dream. He had dreamed of a tonally powerful ensemble.
On the one hand, it would have to be able to bring across every piece of music, from Bach to Piazzolla, with undiminished intensity, and, on the other hand, be mobile enough so that the troupe, including its entire instrumentarium and luggage, could board a train without any trouble.
The cellist discovered the accordionist in September 2002 at a concert, with a special, expanded formation, of the Munich Chamber Orchestra (MCO). Shortly thereafter he was led by the solo double-bass player of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra to the trainee bass player, and had the fortune to be able to rope in his MCO violin colleague, who lived only a few blocks away from him in the same neighborhood.
Having become curious, Bavarian Radio announcer Wolf Euba, one of Maria Reiter’s artistic partners, listened to a rehearsal right up close, sitting on the edge of a bed, as it were, in an attic room. Asked to help find a name for the quartet, he suggested “non sordino” (“no mute”): Nice-sounding, still unclaimed in the www, and, in the sense of “unrestrained, unrestricted in its tonal development,” entirely appropriate. Encouraged by the enthusiastic reaction of the audience at its appearances until now, and out of a desire to present with this instrumental and human combination things never heard before, the musicians of nonSordino want to continue to produce more CDs and above all:
go out into the world and play concerts!
sound samples (mp3):
Bach, Präludium und Fuge
Piazolla, Fuga y Misterio
Bachmann, Interpiece I, II, III, IV, V
Milhuad, Concerto: Nonchalant, Grave, Joyeux
Dvorak, Bagatelle I
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Johann Sebastian Bach (1665 – 1750): Präludium and Fuge g-Minore for Organ, BWV 542
Arrangement for Violin, Violoncello, Akkordeon and Doublebass

Astor Piazzolla / Rudi Spring (1821 - 1992 / *1962): Fuga y Misterio for Violin, Violoncello, Akkordeon and Doublebass light arranged
Peter Bachmann (*1955): Fife Interpieces for Violine, Violoncello, Akkordeon and Doublebass
Darius Milhaud (1892 – 1974): Concerto pour Violoncelle et Orchestre, Arrangement
Antonin Dvorák (1841 – 1904): Fife Bagatells op. 47

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