Elisabeth Weinzierl, flute
Edmund Wächter, flute
Eva Schieferstein, piano

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works CCD 267
EAN 4028183002679

about this recording:
Elisabeth Weinzierl and Edmund Wächter, flute, as well as Eva Schieferstein, piano, already came together in the MÜNCHNER FLÖTENTRIO (MUNICH FLUTE TRIO) during their mutual time of studies. The first concert they performed together in 1984 was the start of a fruitful co-operation that lasts to this day. Concert tours took the three soloists through many countries, and numerous recordings for different radio broadcasting companies and on CD document their joint work. The MUNICH FLUTE TRIO’s repertory on the one hand relies on the wealth of partly re-discovered works from earlier eras, and on the other hand on contemporary compositions which often were written at the MUNIC FLUTE TRIO’s suggestion, a representative selection of which can be experienced on this CD.
sound samples (mp3):
Peter Kiesewetter: Scena d’irritazione
Roland Leistner-Mayer: Quasi rubato
Dieter Acker: Introduttivo
Nikolaus Brass: Salut
Lukáš Matoušek: Mozaika
Robert Delanoff: Harlekinade
Peter Kiesewetter (*1945): Scena d’irritazione per due flauti e pianoforte op. 27 (1985/1988)
Roland Leistner-Mayer (*1945): Moments musicaux for two flutes and piano op. 42 (1987)
Dieter Acker (*1940): Zwischen Tag und Traum (Between day and dream)
for flute, alto flute and piano (1988)

Nikolaus Brass (*1949): Salut for flute/alto flute, alto flute and piano (1995/96) · Veni · Adieu
Lukáš Matoušek (1943): Mozaika for two flutes and piano (2003)
Robert Delanoff (*1942): Harlekinade for two flutes and piano (2001)

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