Johann Adolph Hasse (1699-1783) 

Six sonatas for violin and basso continuo (first recording)

Christoph Angerer · violin

Günter Schagerl · violoncello

Paul Angerer · harpsichord

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about this recording:
For Johann Adolf Hasse - the so greatly productive and, during his lifetime, highly regarded composer of operas, oratorios, secular cantatas, and church music - instrumental music was undoubtedly not a focal point of his work. In spite of this, a considerable number of solo and trio sonatas, duos, concertos, and sinfonias were disseminated under his name. In addition to the published instrumental works, there are others that were disseminated only in manuscript form and are today preserved in various libraries. In view of the situation described above, the Six Sonatas for Violin and Basso continuo occupy an exceptional position within the oeuvre of Johann Adolf Hasse. To be precise, the pieces have come down to us in a manuscript that was indeed written by a copyist, yet contains additions in Hasse's own hand.
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Sonata I g-Major 1st movement Allegretto; Sonata II h-Minor 1st movement Allegro ma non troppo, 2nd movement Andantino, 3rd movement Allegro; Sonata III a-Minor 3rd movement Allegro; Sonata VI b-Major 2nd movement Adagio, 4th movement Allegro
Johann Adolph Hasse: Six sonatas for violin and basso continuo

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