Jacob Richmann

(about 1680-1726)

Six Sonatas for viola da gamba and Basso continuo op. 1

First recordings!

Sabina Lehrmann, viola da gamba

Haralt Martens, violone

Sepp Hornsteiner, arciliuto · chitarrone

Michael Eberth, organ · harpsichord
sound samples

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about this recording:

An exemplar of Jacob Richmann’s viola da gamba sonatas op. 1 is housed in the Bibliotèque Nationale in Paris. The title page – “dedicated in French” (Walther) – specifies “Six Sonates à une Viole de Gambe & Basse continue”. This collection was therefore the first published work of a highly talented twenty-five- to thirty-year-old musician, of a viola da gambist who at this point of time was presumably still in the services of the princess of Orange. The House of Orange-Nassau was at this time the hereditary stadtholder in the Netherlands and willingly employed Dutch artists.

In his opus 1, we count six viola da gamba sonatas with the movements Preludio – Allemanda – Corrente – Sarabanda – Giga. The Italian titles of the opening pieces and dances were surely not chosen accidently, and are sometimes very programmatic in terms of content.


Sonata I C major, Sonata II D minor, Sonata III E minor, Sonata IV F major, Sonata V G minor, Sonata VI A minor

sound samples (mp3):

Sonata I C major: 1 Preludio Largo, 2 Allemanda, 3 Corrente, 4 Sarabanda, 5 Giga

Sonata II D minor: 6 Preludio Largo, Sonata III E minor: 12 Allemanda Largo, Sonata IV F major: 18 Corrente, Sonata V G minor: 24 Sarabanda, Sonata VI A minor: 30 Giga


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