Music for 3 bassett horns


First recordings!


Jochen Seggelke,

Bernhard Kösling,

Ekkehard Sauer

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about this recording:

The clarinet as one of the younger orchestra instruments underwent great stylistic changes in the course of its “career”, necessitated by the different construction methods. In addition to this, the instrument makers’ inventiveness lent ever new facets to the principle underlying clarinet building, and thus inspired composers to use this instrument in their oeuvre in many different ways. In our time, performance practice on instruments built at the time a composition was written has become the established manner on stages all over the world. The new element in Clarimonia’s concerts is the idea of making the chronology of the history of development audible; an aspect which is possible because the three musicians have got several years of practice of playing duplicates of historical instruments as well as modern clarinets, and is also due to the collaboration with clarinettist and woodwind instrument maker Jochen Seggelke who manufactures historically exact duplicates of clarinets of historical importance from the 18th and 19th centuries. The path both the music and the instruments treaded in the past are tracked into our present time and made audible. Compositions by great masters are contrasted with works by less popular composers from partly unpublished first printings or manuscripts.


Wolfgang Amadé Mozart (1756-1791): Divertimento Nr. 4 from KV 439b

Georg Druschetzky (1745-1819): Divertissements 1, 2, 3 (from 30 pieces for

3 bassett horns)

Johann Joseph Rösler (1771-1813): Partita for 3 bassett horns

Anton Stadler (1753-1812): from „18 trios for 3 bassett horns“

Ouverture (Nr. 1), Mazurka (Nr. 8), La Russe (Nr. 7), Marcia di Camelo (Nr. 15), Marcia (Nr. 5)

sound samples (mp3):

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart: Divertimento Nr. 4 from KV 439b

1 Allegro, 2 Larghetto, 3 Menuetto, 4 Adagio, 5 Allegretto

Georg Druschetzky: Divertissement I, 6 Allegretto Scherzando, 7 Menuetto, 8 Moderato, 9 Finale – Allegro

Johann Joseph Rösler: Partita for 3 bassett horns,

10 Andante, 11 Menuetto, 12 Alla Polacca

Anton Stadler: from „18 trios for 3 bassett horns“

16 Ouverture, 17 Mazurka, 18 La Russe, 19 Marcia di Camelo, 20 Marcia


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