First Recording
Play of the Tone Colors

Music for Viola d'amore and double bass - Illusion de la Viole d'amour - Works by Krumlovsky, C. Stamitz, Milandre, Campagnoli

Marianne Rônez, viola d'amore, violin
Eric jansen, double bass

sound samples

order no. CCD 285
EAN 4028183002853

about this recording:
The works on this recording were composed for viola d’amore (on the melody part) and a bass line without basso continuo figuring. Louis-Toussaint Milandre and Jan Krumlovsky specify the violoncello for the accompaniment voice, while Carl Stamitz leaves the instrumentation of the bass part to the performers. The particular charm of the viola d’amore and double bass combination – which lies both in the broad tonal space between the depths of the bass and the violin register, as well as in the fusing of the mellifluous tone colors of the viola d’amore with the sonorous and yet velvety timbres of the bass instruments – determined the choice of the double bass for all the pieces. The playful duetting with the viola d’amore is enlivened by the small embellishments, harmonics, and pizzicatos that Eric Hansen adds to the simple bass line in accordance with historical performance practice. The palette of tone colors is expanded on this CD by the“ Illusion de la Viole d’amour”, performed on violin. All works are recorded here for the first time.
sound samples:
Jan Krumlovsky (1719-1763), „ Parthia pour la Viola d´Amour solo avec Violoncello“
Carl Stamitz (1746-1801), Adagio G major
Bartolomeo Campagnoli (1751-1827), „ L´illusion de la Viole d´amour“ from „Metodo di Violino“ (1797/2. 1824), violin solo con sordino
Louis-Toussaint Milandre (18th century), from „Méthode facile pour la Viole d´amour, Airs de differens Auteurs qui m´ont été comuniqués.“
Carl Stamitz (1746-1801), Sonata D major

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