Encounters (Chamber Music)

Dijana Boškovic, Miku Nishimoto-Neubert, Stephanie Hampl, Elina Goto, Ana Lebedinski, Jessica Kuhn, Thomas Ruge, Ingmar Schwindt, Christophe Gördes, Georg Müller

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order.no. CCD 294
EAN 4028183002945

about this recording:
In her native country, the former Yugoslavia – a region that for centuries has stood under the influence of diverse cultural circles – Dijana Boškovic comes into contact with music of Slavic, West-European, Turkish, and Hindustani origin. Her works combine traditional music with the ideas of the European avant-garde into a new, naturally rooted musical language. Spiritual themes are an important fertile source of her music. A further characteristic is the reference to tonal centers and the reflection on the great power of slow harmonic breath.

Dijana Boškovic: composition, flute, sound bowls
Miku Nishimoto-Neubert: piano (6-10)
Stephanie Hampl: voice
Elina Goto: percussion
Ana Lebedinski: violin
Jessica Kuhn: violoncello (4-5)
Thomas Ruge: violoncello (6-9)
Ingmar Schwindt: piano (2-3)
Christophe Gördes: clarinet
Georg Müller: sound bowls

sound samples (mp3):

Between East and West for flute and percussion
Two Songs for mezzosoprano and piano
Suite after Folk Melodies from Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro for violine and violoncello
Versus Vox Integra for Sextett (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion)
No Tinnitus for piano and 21 Tibetan sound bowls

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