Vitality begun

Patricia Stiles, Mezzosopran
Graham Cox, piano


sound samples

order no. CCD 308
EAN 4028183003089

about this recording:
This sensational collection of songs by contemporary women composers provides an expressive and gripping impression of female musical production as has seldom before been documented. The drama and expressive power of the texts are ideally conveyed by the voice of Patricia Stiles.
sound samples (Windows Media):
Coates, After a great pain - Rahn, Vicarious - Zaimont, Entreaty
Gloria Coates: Komplementär (Friederike Mayröcker), Verwelkte Bücher (Alexandra Coates), Liederzyklus nach Lyrik von Emely Dickinson: After a great pain, I held a jewel in my fingers, Wild nights, Mine by the right, A word is dead, Nobody, Vitality begun, Bride of the Holy Ghost, In falling timbers, On the death of a child, Armistice, Bind me – I still can sing, I’ve seen a dying eye, If I can stop one heart from breaking, Will there really be a morning
Flicka Rahn: Vicarious, Shore grass (Amy Lowell)
Judith Lang Zaimont: Let it be forgotten (Sara Teasdale), Entreaty (Christina Rossetti)
Lita Grier: Afternoon on a hill (Edna St. Vincent Millay), The seashell (Amy Lowell), Who has seen the wind (Christina Rossetti), The bluebird (Emily Huntington Miller)
Ruth Zechlin: Gleichnis, Blau-gläserne Minute (Claudia Paris), Terzinen (Annemarie Bostroem)
Libby Larsen: The ant and the grasshopper, Clinging, Travelling (Jeanne Shepard)

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