Wurzeln und Halme

(roots and blades)

Regina Klepper, soprano
Fritz Schwinghammer, piano

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about this recording:
These songs are taken from the “laboratory” of the turn of the century around 1900, from the programs of the “Gesellschaft für musikalische Privataufführungen” (“Society for Private Musical Performances”). This society, founded by Arnold Schoenberg, provided the composers then experimenting with entirely new material an opportunity to call attention to themselves, without having to fear the ignorant press. From this time – in which it was not yet decided whether the musical development would continue in a tonal or atonal direction – come the songs and vocal pieces recorded here, some for the first time. Franz Schreker, for example, selected a path on the edge of tonality, without abandoning the late-Romantic density of his tonal language. And Ernst Krenek led the text by poet Rainer Maria Rilke through unbelievable mountains of Romantic-musical consolidation. In addition, the impressive voice of Regina Klepper, which in negotiating the breathtaking leaps and cascades of melody is able to give the listener goose bumps.
Franz Schreker (1878 – 1934): Zwei lyrische Gesänge (Wurzeln und Halme, Das Gras)
Fünf Lieder op. 4 (Unendliche Liebe, Frühling, Wohl fühl’ ich wie das Leben rinnt, Die Liebe als Recensentin, Lenzzauber)

Max Reger (1873 – 1916): An die Hoffnung op. 124
Josef Matthias Hauer (1883 – 1959): Hölderlin-Lieder op. 6 und 12 (Der gute Glaube, Hyperions Schicksalslied, Sonnenuntergang , Vanini, Lebenslauf, Ehmals und jetzt, Abbitte, Die Heimat)
Arnold Schönberg (1874 – 1951): Vier Lieder op. 2 (Erwartung, Schenk mir deinen goldenen Kamm, Erhebung, Waldsonne)
Ernst Krenek (1900 – 1991): Ô Lacrymosa op. 48
sound samples (mp3):
Wurzeln und Halme - An die Hoffnung - Vanini - Die Liebe als Recensentin - O Lacrymosa I -
O Lacrymosa II - O Lacrymosa III

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