Francesco Antonio Pistocchi
Cantatas and Duets

Barbara Schlick, soprano
Kai Wessel, altus
Sabine Erdmann, cembalo
Gerhart Darmstadt, violoncello
Ulrich Wedemeier, lute, baroque guitar

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order no. CCD 312
EAN 4028183003126

about this recording:
The works of Francesco Antonio Pistocchi have to be considered a discovery even though the singer was a well-known and highly esteemed personality in his day, was the voice teacher of the famous Padre Martini, and was engaged for a while as chapel-master at the court of Ansbach. The mellowness of Barbara Schlick’s and Kai Wessel’s voices, together with a fantastic continuo group, make this CD a very special listening experience.
sound samples (Real Media):
Vuol il ciel - Bella destra - Dolorosa partenza - Con dolce mormorio - Zorn - Un tormento - Il Giglio - Ama la Pastorella - Se un conforto
Vuol il ciel, Bella destra, O care, Lontano dal mio bene
Cantata: Dolorosa Partenza, Sfortunato mio cor, Gran tormento
Cantata: Con dolce mormorio, Beaux yeux, Je me fais, Zorn
Cantata: Un tormento
Cantata: Il giglio e la viola, La ruota instabile, Son lontana dal mio bene, Se un conforto lusinghiero

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