Johann Sebastian Bach
cantatas BWV 82, 209, Tripelconcert0 BWV 1044

Barbara Schlick, soprano

The Dorian Consort:
Flute: Eva Amsler, violine I: Claudia Dora, Sophie Speyer (11-13), violine II: Marlyse Capt,
v iola: Anna Pfister, violoncello: David Inniger
doublebass: Käthi Steuri,
harpsichord: Shalev Ad-El

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works CCD 317
EAN 4028183003171

about this recording:
The three compositions on this recording are probably linked by the participation of an apparently expert flutist, Friedrich Gottlieb Wild (1700 – 1762), who studied with J.S. Bach in Leipzig between 1726 and 1735. During this period, many of Bach’s sacred and secular cantatas (including BWV 82 and 209) have virtuosic flute solos that were probably performed by Wild under Bach’s direction. Through these three works we can recreate an image of a young professional exercising his talents both in service of the church, but also in providing musical recreations to the citizens of Leipzig.
Since 1990 the musicians of the Dorian Consort have been joined together by an intense joy of playing, as can be sensed in their numerous concerts.
sound samples (mp3):
BWV 82, Aria: Ich habe genung - Arie: Schlummert ein, ihr matten Augen - Arie: Ich freue mich auf meinen Tod
BWV 209, Sinfonia - Aria: Parti pur e con dolore - Aria: Ricetti gramezza
BWV 1044, Allegro - Adagio, ma non tanto, e dolce - Alla breve
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Ich habe genung (BWV 82), cantata for sopraon, flute and strings
Non sà che sia dolore (BWV 209), cantata for sopraon, flute and strings
Tripelconcerto a minor (BWV 1044)

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