Max Beckschäfer (*1952)

Die Singphoniker
Duo Cantarpa
Capella Vocale


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works CCD 318
EAN 4028183003188

about this recording:
In my poverty, your countenance, like the sun, gives me both shadow as well as light, this is Michelangelo’s confession to the beauty (La forza d’un bel viso). And Max Beckschäfer’s complicated and yet simple melodies paint a heaven of cretic light, with poetry by Sappho as well as with the Arion cantata (poetry by Rafael Alberti).
sound samples (mp3):
Michelangelo Fragments, Con tanta servitù - Sappho Chants, 2. Chant - Arion Cantata, Me siento, mar
Michelangelo Fragments
Sappho Chants
Arion Cantata

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