Con voce festiva

II. Internationale Tage für Alte Musik
Schloss Hagen

Ensemble Clarino Belcanto
Heike Wittlieb, soprano - Thomas Sheibels, trumpet - Frauke Rottler-Viain, violoncello
Roman Reichel, organ & cembalo

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works CCD 319
EAN 4028183003195

about this recording:
With the re-establishment of the ensemble, these experienced musicians, who have made names for themselves in various chamber music ensembles as well as in large-scale performances, have devoted themselves above all to the rediscovery of original Baroque literature for soprano, trumpet/corno da caccia, and basso continuo. But also original compositions for soprano and harpsichord/organ and works for trumpet and organ from all periods up to the Modern have a place in the ensemble’s repertoire. The programs are complemented – depending on the venue of the respective concert (chamber or church concert) – by harpsichord or organ works. In this way, a many-sided and unusual mixture emerges that has great audience appeal.
sound samples (mp3):
Fantini, Sonata detta del Monte - Purcell, Aria - Scarlatti, Con voce festiva - Melani, Aria - Stachowicz, Concerto - Seixas, Allegretto
Girolamo Fantini (1600 – 1675): Balletti per Tromba e Basso
Henry Purcell (1659 – 1695): Aria Thus the gloomy world
Alessandro Scarlatti (1660 – 1725): Four arias
Domenico Scarlatti (1685 – 1757): 12 Sonata in h minor for Cembalo
Alessandro Melani (1639 – 1703): Cantate a Voce sola con una Tromba e Basso continuo
Francesco Geminiani (um 1680 – 1762): Sonata in e minor for trumpet and B. c.
Pater Damian Stachowicz (1658 – 1699): Concerto for Clarino, Canto e Basso Organo
Georg Friedrich Händel (1685 – 1759): Aria Destero dall‘ empia dite
Carlos Seixas (1704 – 1742): Sonata in A major for Cembalo
Georg Friedrich Händel: Aria Let the Bright Seraphim for Tromba, Soprano, Organo e Basso continuo

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