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Lan Rao, soprano

Fengxia X-Wagner, guzheng

Micaela Gelius, piano

Sound samples

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CCD 322
EAN 4028183003225

About this recording:
The trio Roter Phoenix (Red Phoenix) was founded in 1999. Prior to this, Lan Rao had already collaborated for many years with the pianist Micaela Gelius in song recitals, and appeared together with Fengxia Xii in the Gufeng Ensemble, an ensemble for traditional Chinese music. The three musicians wanted to bring about a confrontation between eastern and western tonal ideals, to venture into the respective border areas, and show the influence each have on the other. It turned out that the guzheng, with its harp-like sound, and the piano go together excellently. The trio Roter Phoenix has appeared at the Musiksommer Nordhessen, in Schloss Ismaning, and in the Kaisersaal of Ottobeuren Monastery. Further concerts, including in China, are being planned. The phoenix is a magical being in both the occidental as well as oriental cultures. In Christian theology it is the symbol of hope. In China, the phoenix is the symbol of the feminine powers, of the yin, in contrast to the male antipode, the yang, embodied by the dragon.
sound samples (mp3):
1 The flowing Bach - 4 Rain Tree Sketch II - 8 Since You Went Away - 13 Dance of Phoenix and Dragon - 16 Orient and Occident

1 The flowing brook for soprano, guzheng and piano

(Yinghai Li, Arr.: Fengxia X-Wagner *1963)

2 Lutos chinese folksong for guzheng-solo (Arr.: Fengxia X)

3 Acacia blossom for soprano, guzheng and piano

(Shande Ding, Arr.: Fengxia X)

4 Rain Tree Sketch II for piano solo (Toru Takemitsu 1930-1996)

Two songs for soprano and guzheng (Zhou Qinru *1953):

5 I beg you

6 Crying ospreys

7 Pagodes for piano solo (Claude Debussy 1862-1918)

Two songs for soprano, guzheng and piano (Tan Xiaolin 1911-1948):

8 Since You Went Away

9 Parting

10 Konghou Fantasy for soprano, guzheng and piano (Zhou Long *1953)

11 Lotus Land for piano solo (Cyrill Scott 1879-1970)

12 Embroided little bag for soprano, guzheng and piano (Zhongrong Luo,

Arr.: Fengxia X)

13 Dance of Phoenix and Dragon for guzheng-solo (Fengxia X)

14 Early spring for soprano and piano (Wolfgang Zoubek *1945)

15 Wu Kui for piano solo (Zhou Long)

16 Orient and Occident for soprano, guzheng and piano (Chen Yi *1953)

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