Michael Haydn, Carl Stamitz, Joseph Haydn

first recording, live concert

Christoph Angerer, Viola d’amore
Concilium musicum Wien
on period instruments,
conductor: Paul Angerer

sound samples

order no. CCD 406
EAN 4028183004062

about this recording:
Experience the atmosphere of a live concert recording from the auditorium of Vienna's Old University, where in 1808 Joseph Haydn attended a concert of his own works. The Concilium musicum Vienna under Paul Angerer plays Michael Haydn's dramatic D-Minor Symphony for the first time on original instruments. The virtuoso viola d'amore concerto by Carl Stamitz appears here for the first time on CD. And through the Viennese ensemble's joy of playing, even the well-known "Surprise" Symphony comes across so youthful that it seems as if the Master has just left the sonorous marble hall...
sound samples (mp3):
Michael Haydn, Sinfonie d-Moll 1. Satz - 2. Satz - 3. Satz
Stamitz, Concerto D-Dur 1. Satz - 2. Satz - 3. Satz
Haydn, Paukenschlag-Sinfonie 1. Satz
"... Christoph Angerer is a competent interpreter for this intimate music. His playing is cantabile and sensitive... The playing of the winds and strings is exact and balanced... To be successful, one also needs inspired and motivated musicians. This is the case on this CD." (Lübecker Nachrichten, 17/18 October 1999)
"... Live concert recording from the Academy of the Sciences... This is not only faultless, this is passionate, this is lively, breathtaking, this has soul... The Viennese ensemble has never been better, and it has always been good! This shows format, true greatness, intuition for the composition, and for the time in which it was created, extreme security, great empathy, and great musicality." (Alte Musik actuell 12/99)
Michael Haydn (1737-1806): symphony d minor
Carl Stamitz (1745-1801): concerto II D majorfor Viola d’amore and Orchestra
Joseph Haydn (1732-1809): symphony G major „Mit dem Paukenschlag“

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