Bernhard Jestl: capriolese

Mario Korunic, violin
Kelvin Hawthorne, viola
Munich Chamber Orchestra
conductor: Christoph Poppen
Egino Klepper, Cembalo
Percussion art quartett


sound samples

order no. CCD 407
EAN 4028183004079

about this recording:
The Austrian composer Bernhard Jestl – as a violinist in the Munich Chamber Orchestra, also a practicing musician – presents works with widely differing formations in this portrait CD: The Concerto Capriolese for violin, viola, and string orchestra offers a sonorous addition to the concerto literature. In the large, four-movement Toccata for harpsichord solo, the composer demands everything in terms of virtuosity and timbre from this instrument, just as he does from the viola in the Sonata for viola solo. And the Pezzo for four percussionists on twenty drums nearly goes head over heels with verve and good spirits.
sound samples (Windows Media):
Concerto Capriolese - Toccata, Affetuoso - Pezzo Nr. 3
Concerto capriolese for violin, viola and chamber orchestra
Toccata for cembalo solo
sonata for viola
Pezzi a quattro tamburi for four percussionists

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