Landscapes II

Uzbek-Bavarian dialogue
traditional music from Uzbekistan and Bavaria and works of Peter Kiesewetter

SOGDIANA-Ensemble, Taschkent
Georg Glasl quartet, Bavaria

sound samples

order no. CCD 410
EAN 4028183004109

about this recording:
Traditional regional music and contemporary works, the latter created by composers who, inspired by the tonal diversity of the folk instruments, attempt to bring to light their own musical roots and reminiscences. Through the highly individual constellations - as one can experience with this live concert recording - exciting concerts result in which the musicians, audience, and composers move about in unaccustomed landscapes. The Uzbek-Bavarian dialogue is a continuation of this concept, expanding it through corresponding comparisons of traditional alpine and Uzbek music.
sound samples (Windows Media):
Bozurgony - Kiesewetter - Polka - Melodie des Ostens
Usbekian: Duchava, Improvisation, Chertmak, Tong, Mirzadavlat, Bozurgony, Melodie des Ostens, Usbekische Rhythmen
Bavarian: Jodler – Steirer, Polka – Zwiefache, Jodler – Tanz, Schleunige, Langsame Ländler
Peter Kiesewetter (*1945): AUS DER FERNE, SPUR, MASKEN

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