Johann Michael Haydn, Joseph Leopold Eybler, Ignaz Pleyel

Concilium musicum Wien
on baroque instruments
soloist: Peter Rabl, clarinet
conductor: Paul Angerer

sound samples

order no. CCD 414
EAN 4028183004147

about this recording:
With Michael Haydn’s Cassatio we again offer a first recording on CAVALLI-RECORDS, played here on original instruments by the Concilium musicum Vienna under the direction of Paul Angerer. The two other works are also rarely found on concert programs, although the interested listener can convince himself of the beauty of this music.
sound samples (mp3):
Michael Haydn: Cassation, 1. Satz - Eybler, 1. Satz - Pleyel, 1. Satz
Johann Michael Haydn (1737 – 1806): Cassatio D major
Joseph Leopold Eybler (1765 – 1846): Concerto B major for clarinet and orchestra
Ignaz Pleyel (1757 – 1831): Grande Sinfonie F major, op. 27 (Benton 140)

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