Eckhard Kopetzki

Night of Moon Dances


Thomas Lechner, marimba/percussion

Andreas Steiner, marimba

Marion Andersons, saxophon

Percussion Ensemble of the Trossingen State College of Music, directed by Franz Lang

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order no. CCD 428
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about this recording:

Eckhard Kopetzki, born in 1956 in Hannover, Germany, is a famous Composer of numerous works for percussion. So the compositions “Canned Heat” and “Three Movements for a Solo Dancer” were awarded by the competition of PAS (Percussive Arts Society) with the first prize in 2002 and 2003. The title “Drumming Rites” refers to the musical concept of this composition: the fusing of different drumming techniques to a sort of ritual act. “Wooden Delight” for two marimbas expresses the pure joy of marimba playing in its whole virtuosity and in “Night of Moon Dances“ the change of timbres drives the soloist continually further into bizarre, ecstatic dances that end in a furious finale. In “Mixed Music”, a single-movement duo for alto saxophone and percussion/marimba, which traverses various styles, a motif heard in the introduction forms the unifying element that appears in continually new moods. Thomas Lechner – Prizewinner at a number of national and international competitions – is the famous soloist together with Andreas Steiner and the saxophonist Marion Andersons and the famous percussion ensemble of the Trossingen State College of Music, directed by Franz Lang.


Wooden Delight for 2 Marimbas, Canned Heat for percussion solo

Night of Moon Dances for Marimba solo and 4 percussionists

Mixed Music for Alto Saxophone and Percussion/Marimba

Three Movements for a Solo Dancer for Marimba solo

Drumming Rites for percussion quartet

sound samples (mp3):

1 Wooden Delight, 2 Canned Heat, Night of Moon Dances: 3 I. Satz, 4 II. Satz

5 Mixed Music, Three Movements for a Solo Dancer: 6 Mysterious Love, 7 Dance on a Shattered Mirror, 8 Memory of a Mystery , 9 Drumming Rites


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