Joseph Haydn, Die Tageszeiten
Johann Michael Haydn

Live recording from the Austrian Academy of science, Vienna oct 14th 2003

Concilium musicum Wien
on baroque instruments
conductor: Paul Angerer

sound samples
works CCD 431
EAN 4028183004314

about this recording:
“Le Matin”: the sunrise (anticipating of the introduction to the Creation!), the fresh, joyful, early morning D Major with the solo flutes, and the impetuous solo violin in the last movement.
“Le Midi”: the festive introduction in C Major and, above all, the solo violin’s recitative with the subsequent duet with the violoncello.
“Le Soir”: the cheerful G major of the first movement, the relaxed conversation between the violin, violoncello, and the bassoon.
sound samples (mp3):
J. Hadyn, Le Matin, Adagio - Le Midi, Adagio - J.M.Haydn, Andantino - J. Haydn, Le Soir, Allegro molto
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