John McMinn (*1942)

Bamberg String Quartet
Trio Aureum



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works CCD 701
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about this recording:
John McMinn (*1942) presents new sound constellations ranging from the Madrigal Music of the Renaissance through the polyphonic texture of Baroque Music to Romantic models, creating his own musical language.

In the four movements of the two debut works leitmotifs form the basis of his compositions. Derived from harmony of fourths and fifths, not unlike the musical technique of the Fauxbourdon, his music reveals sounds not heard before much as precious old silk. In the light of modulations new sounds repeatedly appear. The music abstains from rhythmic exuberance, chromatic clusters or unresolved suspensive chords. The horizontal, melodiously perceived texture of this music arouses a refreshing "undertow", a sense of calm meditation.

(after booklet text by Karlheinz Busch)

Raúl Teo Arias, 1st violin
Andreas Lucke, 2nd violin
Lois Landsverk, viola
Karlheinz Busch, violoncello

Birgit Hablitzel, violin
Karlheinz Busch, cello
Natalia Solotych, piano

sound samples (mp3):
String Quartet in F major op.1
Piano Trio in C minor op.2

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