Dream and Desire
Late Romantic Lieder by Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner, Franz Schreker und Alban Berg

Martina Borst, Mezzo-Sopran
Wolfgang Wagenhäuser, Piano

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about this recording:
The Lieder of the late romantic and modern period compiled on this recording can be regarded from the aspect of the emancipation of sound. Starting at the expansion of tonal harmony in Franz Liszt (1811-1886) and Richard Wagner (1813-1883), a consistent path can be traced via Franz Schreker’s (1878-1934) intrinsic value of sound as such and continuing on to the complete emancipation of dissonance in Alban Berg (1885-1935).

Schreker expresses this train of thought in the following statement:
Sounds – how misused, how dishonoured a word this is! Only a sound – only sounds! Did those nigglers even know what expressive possibilities, what unheard of temperamental magic one sound, or one chord can harbour? Even as a child I loved to play these Wagnerian chords on the piano, and subsequently listen closely as they faded away. Wondrous visions appeared before me then, glowing images of magical, musical worlds – and then such yearning! Pure sound, devoid of all motivic work, is, with certain care, among the most essential musical modes of expression. It is a mood substitute without parallel that is to be found more and more frequently even in the written word (Gerhard Hauptmann, Paul Claudel, among others) and appears, is even demanded, in decisive dramatic moments.The one agent that could possibly surpass its potency is silence.

(excerpt from the booklet by Peter Nitsche)


Franz List (1811-1886)
1 Der Fischerknabe
2 Freudvoll und leidvoll
3 Vergiftet sind meine Lieder
4 Ihr Glocken von Marling
5 Die drei Zigeuner
6 Es muß ein Wunderbares sein

Richard Wagner (1813-1883), Wesendonck-Lieder
7 Der Engel
8 Stehe still
9 Im Treibhaus
10 Schmerzen
11 Träume

Franz Schreker (1878-1934), Fünf Gesänge für tiefe Stimme
12 Ich frag nach dir
13 Dies aber kann mein Sehnen
14 Die Dunkelheit sinkt schwer
15 Sie sind so schön
16 Einst gibt ein Tag

Alban Berg (1885-1935), Vier Lieder op.2
17 Schlafen, schlafen
18 Schlafend trägt man mich
19 Nun ich der Riesen Stärksten
20 Warm die Lüfte

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