The Label:
Unheard-of Music from five Centuries

Since 1990, when it commenced with CD production, the label CAVALLI-RECORDS has developed a clear company profile: recording and publication of good quality works of music literature from all ages which were not available as recordings before. Consequently, one of the first productions – CCD 206 with previously unknown and unpublished string quartets by Ludwig van Beethoven – already proved to be a small sensation that was appreciated accordingly in the specialist press. Based on their own musicological research as well as co-operation with renowned figures in music, the repertory of CAVALLI-RECORDS has ever since been an enrichment of relevant catalogues, adding composers whose names one hitherto could not find in the record catalogues.


But also rarely or never recorded works by more famous composers find their way into our repertory, either thanks to a special interpretation by the respective musician’s personality of because of a special consideration of the relevant performance customs and contemporary instrumentation. New Music is also given attention to in CAVALLI-RECORDS’ repertory with a number of exemplary recordings. One unique item in this context is the CD series “Edition Villa Concordia”, a series of publications including music by composers who were each invited as scholarship holders for one year to the “Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia Bamberg”, founded by the Bavarian State in Bamberg. In addition, we have a selection of some works of light entertainment in the section light classics or musica leggiera.

Therefore, CAVALLI-RECORDS presents itself as a label for a special repertory from five centuries, always on tour looking for discoveries to be made in the wide area of classical music. However: “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” you will here look for in vain...